Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

A Helpful Guide for Schools

Provide students a brief overview of the workshop topic they will be hearing. Workshop descriptions can be found on our website and will also be included in your confirmation email.

Have someone that students know and respect, introduce the JWRC presenter.

  • Typically this would be the principal, dean, school counselor, or a teacher if the speaker is presenting to a specific class or classroom.
  • The introduction should include a very short intro of the speaker, “We would like to welcome Jane Straub from Jacob Wetterling Resource Center today,” and reminders about what it means to be a respectful audience member:
    • Be ready to listen.
    • Turn off the distractions (e.g., phones, tablets).
    • Ask questions at the appropriate time.

Please be sure to have teachers or staff members (ratio related to the size of the group) present during the workshop.

  • Our workshops can generate strong emotions in some students who may have experienced the situations or trauma discussed (e.g., sexual assault, physical, or emotional abuse). This presentation may open a door for them to want to reach out for help.
  • It's extremely helpful to have school staff members, particularly a school counselor or social worker, present for any questions students have for the speaker after the workshop and to help get students connected to resources if needed.
  • JWRC is happy to provide resources (e.g., printed materials, websites, agencies) that school staff can use to help students.

How do I know the workshop date is confirmed?

When we receive an email confirmation from the presenter or another staff member.

Do I need to provide Audio/Visual equipment?

Yes, the sponsoring organization is responsible for providing a laptop, screen, LCD projector, and microphone (lavaliere or handheld) for the workshop as needed. If there are any issues or concerns, please contact the presenter in advance of the scheduled event.

What time will the presenter arrive?

The presenter will arrive approximately 30 minutes in advance of the scheduled workshop time.

Do you provide Certificates of Completion or Continuing Education Credits?

We are unable to provide Certificates of Completion or Continuing Education Credits.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

You can always Contact Us via our website. For questions related to a scheduled workshop, you may contact the presenter at their email address on the confirmation email. For questions regarding invoicing, please contact us.

I scheduled this workshop over 4 months ago. How do I know the speaker is still planning on presenting?

Our workshops are often scheduled months in advance. In addition to the confirmation email you will receive once the signed proposal is returned, you will be sent a reminder email three business days before the scheduled workshop. It will include the event information summary.

Can I video record the workshop?

Due to copyright issues, our organization’s policy does not allow our workshops to be recorded.