Working with Law Enforcement

Working with Law Enforcement

Law enforcement has the best resources for searching for missing people. Working with the police can be intimidating, but doing so is critical for recovery. Here are some tips and info to make things easier:

  1. Work as a team. Try to establish a teamwork approach with law enforcement. They need you as a part of their investigative team, just like you need them; cooperation is essential.

  2. Your family will be investigated. Investigating a missing person's family is a routine part of the ongoing investigation process, because most abductions happen within families. All family members will be questioned, sometimes many times. Don't take this personally!Remember, law enforcement is only interested in finding your missing loved one; they can't eliminate you as a suspect until they question you.

  3. Maintain contact. Establish one contact person in law enforcement for you to communicate with, and designate a family spokesperson for that law enforcement person to contact with information. This will make communication easier on both ends, and cut down on misinterpretation. Schedule a regular time to meet with your law enforcement contact person to discuss the case.

  4. Ask for help. If law enforcement procedures are confusing to you, ask for clarification. You can request that an advocate help you communicate with law enforcement or explain procedures to you.