Photo Consent and Information Release Form

Jacob Wetterling Resource Center

Photo Consent and Information Release Form

By my signature below, I authorize Jacob Wetterling Resource Center (JWRC) and its authorized agents and volunteers to assist in the search of the following missing person:

Consent is hereby granted to JWRC to use photographs of the missing person along with details concerning the disappearance. JWRC may distribute the photographs and details to local and national media sources, electronic bulletin board systems, Internet, law enforcement agencies, nonprofit organizations, and other distribution services. I understand that JWRC will not engage in interviews or media releases in relation to information I share that I don’t approve of first.

I agree to be responsible for removing fliers and/or social media posts generated by JWRC that relates to missing person within 10 days of recovery.

I have given, and will continue to provide, complete and accurate information regarding the missing person to JWRC. I consent to the assistance of JWRC and I understand that JWRC is under no obligation to continue assisting in this search.

I agree to release JWRC, its employees, volunteers, and any authorized agents from any and all liability claims, as well as from causes of action which may result from the release of photographs and details concerning the missing person.

I understand that the assistance of JWRC does not guarantee the recovery of the missing person.

I agree to contact JWRC at 1-800-325-HOPE within 12 hours of recovery of the missing person.