The Ripple Effects of Sexual Harm

Course Description

The spectrum of sexual harm is quite vast. The ways in which one person can sexually harm another is limitless. This presentation will engage the audience in a courageous conversation of sexual harm and abuse, the impact of sexual violence on the victim and the community, myths and misperception of sexual violence and prevalence, and current data. From child sexual abuse to campus sexual assault to human trafficking, the impact of harm affects every person. The goals of this presentation are to increase awareness of sexually harmful behaviors, identify signs of sexual abuse, provide strategies to work with and support those impacted by sexual harm, and create shifts in opinions of prevention and harm reduction that will lead to substantial change.

Learning Objectives

1. Define behaviors and actions that fall within the spectrum of sexual harm.

2. Recognize the vast amount of sexual content available and the risk of exposure to younger and younger youth.

3. Identify varying beliefs regarding sexual harm and the impact on victims and survivors.

4. Brainstorm ways and ideas to create these courageous conversations within communities in an effort to prevent sexual harm and support those healing.

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