The Big Disconnect: Prosecutor and Forensic Interviewer Collaboration

Course Description

Forensic Interviewers are often utilized as fact witnesses to testify in court when they have conducted an interview in the matter at hand. Forensic Interviewers across the country have also been retained as expert witness to discuss dynamics, behaviors, and traits that are common in cases of child maltreatment per their training and experience. This session will discuss the breadth of knowledge and expertise that trained and practicing forensic interviewers possess that may qualify them to provide expert witness testimony in a court of law, as well as the potential overlap of fact and expert witness testimony.

Learning Objectives

1. Understand case law applicable to forensic interviewers testifying as an expert.

2. Prepare both prosecutors and interviewers to utilize interviewer’s vast expertise to educate juries on topics such as interview methodologies, dynamics of child sexual abuse, development, question formation, and more.

3. Consider the overlap of fact/lay and expert witness testimony in applicable cases.

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