Successful Prosecutions in Tech-Facilitated Crimes

Course Description

This 2-day experiential course will explore a variety of topics related to technology-facilitated crimes against children.  Participants will gain a foundational understanding of the ways in which the internet and digital devices are used to victimize children. We will provide an overview of the dynamics specific to technology-facilitated child sexual exploitation, including grooming and manipulation and the role of polyvictimization. Further, participants will learn how team members can work together to gather information without compromising admissibility or losing valuable sources of evidence. The course will address working with child victims and their families in the investigation and prosecution stages.  Using a mock-scenario, participants will work in small teams to collectively develop case strategies, including interview preparation, identifying sources of evidence, overcoming investigative obstacles, and formulating a plan for prosecuting.

Learning Objectives

1. Participants will learn the unique features of investigations and forensic interviews, MDT collaboration, and prosecution strategies for tech-facilitated crimes against children.

2. Participants will develop a case plan for investigating and prosecuting a tech-facilitated child abuse offense.

3. Participants will gain a better understanding of crucial “next-steps” based on evidence discovered during a tech-facilitated child abuse case.

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