Rural and Interfamilial Trafficking

Course Description

There is an increased public awareness around the prevalence, impact and salience of sex trafficking, human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. When allegations of trafficking and exploitation are made known to law enforcement and social services, the forensic interview process can be an effective tool for gathering victim statements and assessing what has occurred. This training will discuss the specifics of working with victims of trafficking and exploitation and offer guidance for conducting forensic interviews with this population. Moving cases from the investigation stage to prosecution is particularly difficult in the context of human trafficking, and successful human trafficking investigations require a unique approach. This workshop also addresses potential avenues of corroboration, technology-facilitated human trafficking, proactive strategies, and investigative resources.

Learning Objectives

1. Discuss the prevalence, dynamics and realities of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.

2. Provide techniques and strategies for effectively interviewing victims of trafficking and exploitation, through sample language and case examples.

3. Offer guidance on how the MDT can best serve victims of trafficking and exploitation.

4. List methods for proactively identifying possible instances of human trafficking in nearby jurisdictions.

5. Describe common repositories of corroborative evidence in human trafficking cases.

6. Summarize effective partnership opportunities with service providers.

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