Post-Trial Advocacy

Course Description

This is not the end. Once the court makes the decision of Guilty or Not Guilty, the journey of healing for the victim continues. Regardless of the ruling of the court, the victim may experience a wide range of emotions from relief to guilt and from calm to fear. Safety planning should remain a priority. Restitution and/or victim compensation needs to be addressed. Victim Impact Statements can have empowering effects on the victim, but may also be triggering. The victim needs to understand the procedures of the justice system. After an offender is convicted and sentenced, the offender may challenge and appeal the ruling. Each step in the criminal justice system for the victim may seem exhausting, re-victimizing, and never ending. This training will take advocates through the justice system and provide examples of support for victims throughout the process. Victim rights, compensation, impact statements, notification, appeals, and parole will be discussed in regards to the impacts on the victim.

Learning Objectives

1. Understand the needs of victims and families beyond the courtroom and verdict.

2. Increase knowledge of the criminal justice system and identify times and events that may be challenging for clients.

3. Increase skills to support victims and ensure they receive appropriate notification and reimbursement when warranted.

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