Peer Review with an Eye Toward Corroboration – For Prosecutors and MDTs

Course Description

In conducting peer review of forensic interviewers, it is important not only to critique the question types and adherence to a protocol, but also to critique whether or not the interviewer asked questions that would elicit information that can be corroborated by the multi-disciplinary team. This workshop provides concrete information to expand the peer review process to include this critical function. The workshop also discusses using peer review to critique the MDT in corroborating statements made by a child.

Learning Objectives

1.   Students will learn the NCA Standards for CAC/MDT accreditation

2.   Students will be presented with suggestions of how to enhance the peer review process including offering strategies for cultivating trust amongst the team and how to create an environment conducive to giving and receiving feedback.

3.   Students will learn the APSAC forensic interview guidelines with its emphasis on gathering details and corroboration.

4.   Students will learn the purpose and timing of peer review, as well as general guidelines.

5.   Students will be presented with legal issues associated with peer review including prosecutors’ obligations.

6.   Students will receive suggestions for conducting peer review in light of the likelihood that the process may be accessible to defense counsel.

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