Intentional Foul: The Sudden Fall of a Rising Star

Course Description

In January of 2016, federal authorities arrested Indiana high school basketball coach Kyle Cox. He was accused of, and ultimately pleaded guilty to, conduct involving the sexual exploitation of a 15-year-old student. This presentation will focus not only on the criminal conduct by the coach, but also on the cover-up attempt undertaken by the exclusive private school that employed the coach and how investigators used digital evidence to uncover the truth. Attendees will hear the coach’s own words as he describes grooming, the progression of contact with the victim, and the efforts by the school to allow the coach a quiet exit, to protect the school and the coach.

Learning Objectives

1. Examine the tactics employed by a popular coach to exploit a teenager, focusing on the abuse of influence and coercion in the context of the exploitation.

2. Investigate the actions taken by individuals and institutions to shield the coach, despite clear indications of guilt, shedding light on the dynamics that allowed for such protection.

3. Analyze the progression of an influential offender’s behavior from inappropriate actions to criminal conduct, highlighting how this escalation occurred openly and addressing the factors contributing to the lack of intervention.

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