Freed with a CyberTip: Fighting Child Sexual Abuse with Technology

Course Description

For years, proving child sexual abuse cases relied heavily, if not exclusively, on testimony from a child. Today, however, we can use technology to detect and prove child sexual abuse.  This presentation gives examples of the ways in which criminal activity might come to the attention of law enforcement, including CyberTipline Reports, discovery during another technology-based investigation, and reports by civilians of child sexual abuse.  Attendees will learn about the necessary components of a solid search warrant affidavit to insure the admissibility of the evidence discovered in court. Finally, we will provide general advice for investigating internet / technology-based crimes against children.

Learning Objectives

1. Recognize the various ways in which a technology-facilitated crime against a child might come to the attention of law enforcement officers.

2. Craft a search warrant affidavit that will be upheld when legal challenges are presented.

3. Understand the need to carefully document searches, find attribution evidence, to seek other forms of online evidence, and to review other visual media to corroborate the primary criminal conduct.

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