DNA: Making Sense of the Methods & Science Behind Your Samples

Course Description

Recent research suggests that frontline professionals, such as prosecutors and judges, are not well versed in forensic science education, yet they regularly rely on these methods and subsequent results for case closure. As a result, cases may be mishandled and evidence misused or omitted that may be of forensic relevance due to the lack of education in this critical sector of our justice system. To that end, this presentation will cover the fundamentals of typical serological techniques used for the identification of body fluids and also delve into an introductory look at how DNA is processed and developed into an electropherogram profile that is used in court. The ultimate goal of this training is to help investigators of child maltreatment cases to better understand the science behind the results used in resolving their cases in a court of law.

Learning Objectives

1. Discuss serological techniques used for body fluid identification.

2. Explore DNA analysis, from cell extraction to electropherogram development.

3. Address the merits and challenges to these scientific techniques.

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