Bullying, Harassment and Relationship Aggression

Course Description

What is the climate of your school or workplace? How does it feel to be there every day? Bullying and aggression can erode the sense of safety and well-being for children and adults. This presentation will discuss in-depth the patterns of behaviors, the imbalance of power and the intentional efforts to harm that are present in bullying, aggression and harassment. Interventions and interrupting the behaviors will be discussed as well as plans for inclusion that can be implemented immediately. A number of strategies and policies will be reviewed to assess the effectiveness or inefficiency of concepts to combat bullying and harassing behavior. Ways to engage staff, students, families and the community will be addressed.

Learning Objectives

1. Recognize the dynamics of bullying, harassment and aggression to differentiate it from age appropriate behaviors.

2. Understand the impact of these behaviors on children, adolescents or adults and the impact on performance at school or work.

3. Create training, policies and an environment that is supportive rather than hostile.

Session Formats

45-60 minutes if offered as a part of the school day

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