Attachment and Bonding: Fostering Safe and Healthy Relationships

Course Description

The first few years are critical in brain development as well as establishing safe, secure and nurturing relationships. This training can be used or supplemented to learn early child development with the goal of supporting parents and caregivers. Stressors in the home are risk factors for child abuse and maltreatment. Professionals will increase their knowledge of development in order to support and improve the role of parents and caregivers. Just as ACE’s, or Adverse Childhood Experiences have the potential to create harm and impact development in children, Positive Childhood Experiences have the potential to enhance development and create a sense of safety in children.

Learning Objectives

1. Define sexual violence as an umbrella term. 2. Learn about local and national sexual violence and mental health resources for ensuring physical/mental health. 3. Learn how to set boundaries and advocates for your needs. 4. Learn self-care tools and resources.

Session Formats

90 minutes is standard, can cut down to 60 if needed

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