Age of Consent: Ways to Nurture and Instill Self-Efficacy

Course Description

Teaching consent is more than talking about sex. From “just say no” to “affirmative consent” we have begun the conversation but have left out the youngest population. Young children can learn about giving and receiving permission to touch, hug or kiss another person and permission to use or play with another’s toys. By teaching them about body boundaries, they can start to learn they have control of their own body. Teaching and responding to “no”, “stop” or “take a break” are simple concepts for children to understand. Knowing medically/anatomically correct body parts is imperative in child abuse investigations. Having a child who also comprehends consent, the right to say “no” to touches, telling a trusted adult if someone breaks their safety rule is one step toward prevention. As children grow, lessons evolve to incorporate consent within a relationship. Understanding the need to give and receive permission is crucial in prevention sexual violence. Children deserve to be empowered with knowledge, language and actions.

Learning Objectives

1. Develop tools and language to discuss body safety with children of all ages.

2. Recognize moments when adults inadvertently question children’s boundaries or minimize their gut feeling.

3. Identify behaviors that interfere with consent and ways to address behaviors with adolescents and young adults.

Session Formats

90 minutes is standard, can cut down to 60 if needed

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