Addressing Recantation in Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Cases

Course Description

Adults and children recant for a number of reasons.  If prosecutors routinely dismiss cases involving recanting victims, these victims and potential future victims may not be safe.  This presentation will address recantation, how it looks and the process involved. We will discuss ways to mitigate the risk of recantation and the need to investigation recantations. Finally, we will look at building strong cases so that we can hold offenders accountable even when there is a recantation.

Learning Objectives

1. Understand the prevalence of recantation and the factors that increase the risk of recantation.

2. Take affirmative steps to prevent a recantation.

3. Investigate a victim’s recantation and seek additional sources of evidence.

4. Mitigate the effects of a recantation at trial.

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