A Voice for the Silent Victim: Corroborating Cases of Non-verbal and Unavailable Victims

Course Description

When a victim cannot speak for themselves, the investigative team plays a crucial role in constructing a case on their behalf. Establishing a timeline of events stands as a fundamental element within any child maltreatment investigation. Discover the art of collaboration with the Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) to identify pertinent collateral interviews, facilitating corroboration, and utilizing legal processes effectively to bolster witness statements. During this 90-minute co-presentation, we will delve into best practices for interviewing ‘at-risk’ children and the seamless integration of poly-victimization screening into all child interviews.

Learning Objectives

1. Acquire the ability to collaborate effectively within an investigative team to construct a timeline of events involving non-verbal or unavailable victims.

2. Gain proficiency in conducting interviews with children with disabilities by understanding best practices.

3. Develop expertise in interviewing children facing “at-risk” situations and mastering techniques for investigating poly-victimization cases.

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