#11forJacob: A Movement of Positive Change

Course Description

The #11forJacob movement was born out of a need to shift the focus from how Jacob Wetterling died to how he truly lived. We honor his memory by asking others to live out the 11 traits that Jacob exemplified: Be fair, Be kind, Be understanding, Be honest, Be thankful, Be a good sport, Be a good friend, Be joyful, Be generous, Be gentle with others, and Be positive. This presentation walks through some of what was learned during the abduction/trial process and is more narrative/less academic than other presentations.

Learning Objectives

1. Recognize the importance of a strengths based model for character development.

2. Illustrate how making bad or violent choices has a ripple effect that impacts others.

3. Describe the importance of having a safety net of trusted adults to offer support at all ages.

Session Formats

45-60 minutes if offered as a part of the school day, 90 minute version for adults

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