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Online Behavior and Kids on NBC Affiliate

In honor of Child Abuse Prevention Month, Zero Abuse Project and Jacob Wetterling Resource Center contribute to an online seminar and discusses concerning online


GiveAtHomeMN: Your Support is Needed!

Thank you for taking a moment to read this message. Together, we are experiencing a challenge
that we have never faced before, and we understand


Destination Imagination (DI) Partnership

Destination Imagination (DI) is a global educational nonprofit dedicated to inspiring the next generation of innovators, leaders, and creative problem solvers.


A Letter from Patty Wetterling

We, our family and friends, are not unfamiliar with some of the dynamics of the crisis our nation is facing. There is tremendous fear,

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A Letter from Alison Feigh

30 years. Much has changed at Jacob Wetterling Resource Center since our early days of sending out missing posters by mail shoulder to shoulder


A Letter from Patty Wetterling

Welcome to the beginning of our yearlong journey to honor 30 years of Jacob Wetterling Resource Center. Over the course of the next 11


JWRC 30th Anniversary – Timeline

A BRIEF HISTORY OF JACOB WETTERLING RESOURCE CENTER 1989 Jacob Wetterling abducted 1990 Friends of Jacob founded by Jerry and Patty Wetterling and friends.

Talking to Children: Scary News

Talking to Children: Scary News A high profile case in your community can leave parents feeling panicked and helpless. It is important to remember

Empower Me

Empower Me My Safety Rules: For Children For Teens For Children Check First with a parent, guardian or babysitter before Accepting a ride Accepting a

Age Appropriate Conversations

Age Appropriate Conversations It’s important to talk to your children often and consistently about how to stay safe. But how you do have effective

Talk About Touches

Talk About Touches Children deserve to be safe and healthy. Talking to your child about touches builds trust and opens conversations to create safe,

How to Talk to Strangers

How to Talk to Strangers Not all strangers mean danger If your child got separated from you in public, would they know how to

What If Games

What If Games Safety conversation starters with children and teens “What-if” games are a great way to help children and teens think about how