Julie Germann


Finding the Right


Ms. Germann’s prosecution career focused on child abuse, sexual assault and domestic violence. A successful trial record resulted in developing strong rapport among law enforcement professionals and victim advocacy groups. Julie’s extensive interactions with victimized women and children enhanced her understanding of the escalation of violence, and allowed her to judiciously prosecute such cases, from misdemeanor domestic situations to homicides. She has worked with diverse teams of professionals from many disciplines including law enforcement, child protection, probation, victim advocacy, and medical staff. Ms. Germann was privileged to collaborate with a dedicated team of professionals who created and opened the Mayo Clinic Child Advocacy Center in Rochester, Minnesota, in order to utilize a multidisciplinary approach to the investigation of child sexual and physical abuse.

Ms. Germann provides specialized training to prosecutors, police officers, victim advocates, and sexual assault nurse examiners on the best practices in the investigation of sexual assaults. Her advanced training in the forensic interviewing of children enables her to teach those investigation and forensic interviewing techniques. She was an adjunct professor in the Child Advocacy Studies (CAST) program at Winona State University.

Julie currently serves on the Minnesota Children’s Alliance and Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault public policy committees to shape new legislation in the areas of sexual assault and child abuse. She is the founder of Finding the Right, where she works to strengthen the criminal justice response to child abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence.