MS Study Highlights the Importance of Child Advocacy Studies (CAST) Education

Zero Abuse Project is pleased to announce that the statewide evaluation of CAST programming in Mississippi has concluded and the results are available for review here.

Highlights of the study show that:

  • CAST learners possess better child abuse and neglect (CAN) knowledge and skills versus non-CAST learners.
  • CAST certificate and minor programming shows the greatest improvement of key CAN competency and concept mastery in pre- and post-course evaluation.
  • CAST coursework, in conjunction with simulation experiences entailing problem-based learning, is best for CAN education and training.
  • CAST graduates noted that the curriculum positively impacted their career goals and increased their motivation to work with children and families.
  • CAST learners highly value CAST coursework and CAST instructors.

CAST programming draws learners with an inherent knowledge and understanding of CAN into the classroom, which could lead to better qualified, dedicated professionals entering child protection and child-intersecting fields of employment.

To learn more about launching CAST at your local college or university, please contact the CAST Director, Tyler Counsil, at [email protected]. You may also visit our website  to learn about the CAST curriculum and how you can take steps for no-cost deployment at your undergraduate or graduate postsecondary school.

If you’d like to support the CAST program and ensure its continued success, please visit our donations page.

Every dollar you provide to the CAST program supports its continued growth in postsecondary education and is greatly appreciated.