Stopping Technology-Facilitated Abuse of Rural Kids (STARK)

The Trauma-informed Prosecutor Project (TiPP), a program of the Zero Abuse Project, will offer the STARK Prosecutor Symposiums six times over the next three years (approximately two per year). These symposiums will be one-, two-, or three-day conferences for rural prosecutors on technology-facilitated crimes against children. The first day will include the following topics:

  • Internet 101
  • Digital Forensics 101
  • Child Exploitation Investigations 101
  • Admissibility of Social Media and Digital Evidence

The second day of the symposium will an experiential component in which attendees will attempt to admit various digital evidence in the face of defense objections. It will also include the following topics:

  • Cross-Examination of the Digital Forensics Defense Expert
  • Direct Examination of the Digital Forensics Examiner

The third day will include topics selected by the host(s) from the recommended and/or optional workshop lists. These topics can be found in our training catalog.

In selecting locations for the STARK Prosecutor Symposium, Zero Abuse Project will select those with a large number of rural prosecutors in attendance, and will give weight to states, regions or tribal communities that have been unable, or had difficulty, accessing quality child abuse training in the past. Additional factors include a demonstrated ability to get prosecutors to the symposium as well as providing space and on-site resources to host the symposium.

As part of a cooperative agreement from the Office of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice, Zero Abuse Project will cover the travel and other expenses of speakers and will not charge any additional fees. However, the selected host site must provide assistance in promoting the event, registering prosecutors, applying for CLEs, and providing an appropriate venue for the training. The venue must be able to accommodate the audience you anticipate attending and must be able to accommodate basic technology (LCD projection, sound system, etc.). Unless the host site is funding these expenses, the prosecutors or professionals attending the course are responsible for their own expenses (hotels, meals, travel, etc.). Entities eligible to apply to host a STARK Prosecutor Symposium include state prosecutor associations, county or district prosecutors, tribal communities, or accredited Children’s Advocacy Centers. If you are interested, please complete the form below.