Forensic Interviewer at Trial

experiential training

This immersive 3-day course is designed to enhance the skills of prosecutors and forensic interviewers. Participants work in teams and take on the roles of prosecutor and forensic interviewer in a mock trial scenario. They conduct direct examinations of the forensic interviewer and respond to cross-examination from a defense attorney. A defense expert critiques the forensic interview, and participants sharpen their skills by cross-examining the expert witness.

Throughout the course, personalized feedback and critiques are provided on the performance of each exercise. In addition, participants attend workshops led by industry experts, where they learn about the latest research on forensic interviewing and the scope of expert testimony. They also gain hands-on experience in cross-examining a defense expert, providing them with the tools to excel in their roles as prosecutors or forensic interviewers.

This course offers an excellent opportunity to enhance skills, expand knowledge, and take careers to the next level. 

Applications were due February 28, 2021, however we will continue to consider applications on a rolling basis.


Chief Program Officer, Education & Research
Senior Director
Forensic Interview Specialist and Trainer