The Zero Abuse Project is home to some of the world’s leading experts in the child protection and abuse prevention. If you plan to train anyone in a child protection discipline; attorneys, law enforcement, social workers, parents, multidisciplinary teams, community leaders, forensic interviewers, teachers, etc., our staff will work with you to find a qualified and suitable speaker on the bureau, to fit your training needs.

Alison Feigh
Director, Jacob Wetterling Resource Center
Jane Straub
Senior Victim Assistance Specialist, Jacob Wetterling Resource Center
Victor Vieth
Director of Education & Research, Zero Abuse Project
Rita Farrell
Director, ChildFirst
Patty Wetterling
Co-founder and Director, Team H.O.P.E.
Robert Peters
Senior Attorney, Zero Abuse Project
Rachel Johnson
Forensic Interview Specialist, Zero Abuse Project
Al Danna
Coordinator, Crimes Against Children Unit for the Tampa Bay Region
Allie Phillips
Author, Attorney, Educator and Advocate for Animals and Vulnerable Victims
Amy Russell, MSEd, JD, NCC
Executive Director, Children’s Advocacy Center
Anne McKeig
Associate Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court & Mitchell-Hamline Law School Professor
Basyle “Boz” Tchividijian
Executive Director, GRACE
Brian Holmgren
Former Assistant District Attorney General, Author
Cynthia King
Governor's Sex Offender Assessment Board
Danielle Buckley
Senior Assistant Prosecutor,  Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office
Erin Kraner
Director of Clinical Services, The Children’s Advocacy Center of Benton County Arkansas
Jim Sears
Retired Detective
John Pirics
Detective, Hamilton County Metro Child Exploitation Task Force
Mindy Mitnick
Licensed Psychologist, Uptown Mental Health Center
Paul Vanaman
FBI Innocence Lost Task Force
Pete Singer
Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
Randy McAlister
Deputy Director of Public Safety / Police Captain, Cottage Grove Police Department
Robert Hugh Farley
International Child Exploitation Consultant, INTERPOL
Roger Canaff
Legal Expert, Child Protection and Special Victims Advocate, Author