Comprehensive Trauma-Informed Care Training

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Early life experiences are the foundational building blocks for development, learning, and health throughout a person’s lifetime. Trauma can have a long-term effect on well-being and functioning for children, adults, families, and our community.

The Zero Abuse Project offers well-established training on adverse childhood experiences (ACE) and trauma-informed care (TIC).


The purpose of training is to increase the community’s collective ability to support individuals who have experienced traumatic events through the provision of supportive trauma-informed strategies and services.

Comprehensive Trauma-Informed Care Training (6.5 hours)

Includes printed manuals for up to 30 participants ($600 value). Additional manuals can be purchased as needed.

Part One: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Training (3 hours)
You will:

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of ACE research
  • Learn about the impact of trauma on development
  • Increase your understanding of working with challenging behaviors

Part Two: Trauma-Informed Care Training
 (3.5 hours)
You will:

  • Participate in group discussions and activities, facilitated conversations and problem solving exercises
  • Learn strategies to promote resilience
  • Identify practical trauma-informed care strategies
Join the growing number of schools, youth-serving organizations, healthcare and faith organizations that have hosted this important education!