On-Site Training Opportunities

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ChildFirst® Forensic Interview Training

Students receive training on the ChildFirst® Forensic Interview Protocol which includes: child development, memory and suggestibility, testifying in court, legal issues and preparing children for court.

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Forensic Interviewer at Trial

This course is designed for teams of two, consisting of one attorney and one forensic interviewer. Teams will learn to work together in preparation for a child abuse trial.

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Comprehensive Trauma-Informed Care Training

This training will increase the participant's ability to support individuals who have experienced traumatic events through the provision of supportive trauma-informed strategies and services.

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Advanced Issues in Forensic Interviewing

This training will allow experienced forensic interviewers the opportunity to learn together from experts in the field. Create an agenda of advanced topics that best meets your training needs on a date and location convenient for your team.

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ChildFirst® EX: Expanded Forensic Interview Process

This training provides a defensible process for conducting interviews with children who may not succeed in a standard, single interview due to trauma, developmental, special needs or other complicating issues.

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Keeping Faith: Empowering Faith Communities to Recognize and Respond to Child Abuse & Neglect

This course prepares students to recognize and respond to cases of sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse and neglect. The impact of child abuse on a victim's sense of spirituality is discussed in detail.

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Your FIRST Response to Child Maltreatment

Protecting children from child abuse and maltreatment requires that everyone understand how to recognize, respond and report any form of maltreatment a child may endure. Our FIRST response is often the single most important step in effectively responding and reporting maltreatment. This presentation will discuss MDT roles and responsibilities, how to listen and respond to a child’s needs.

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Crime Scene to Trial

This one-of-a-kind training provides detailed instruction in the investigation of a crime scene and how seemingly unimportant details can become critical at trial. Intended for multidisciplinary teams, including: prosecutor, social worker, case manager, forensic interviewer, law enforcement officer, investigator or child protection attorney.

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