ChildFirst® Forensic Interview Protocol

The ChildFirst® forensic interview protocol brings the field into the classroom, enhancing the education of front-line child abuse professionals. This course is designed for investigative teams of law enforcement officers, social workers, prosecutors, child protection attorneys and forensic interviewers. Students receive training on the ChildFirst® Forensic Interview Protocol which includes child development, memory and suggestibility, testifying in court, legal issues and preparing children for court. This training incorporates lecture and discussion, review of electronically recorded interviews, skill-building exercises and an interview practicum.

About ChildFirst®:

19 states, 839 Counties and the countries of Japan and Colombia have or are in the process of developing a five-day course modeled after the ChildFirst® program9,200 professionals have been trained at a State or National course

ChildFirst®: The Course

ChildFirst® is a unique approach to forensic interviewing for several reasons:ChildFirst® was designed by and for the front-line child abuse professional.Courses teach students to apply the latest research to real-world situations.Students watch numerous videotaped child sexual abuse interviews as a means of bringing the course material to life.The program requires students to demonstrate their interviewing skills.ChildFirst® models the multidisciplinary approach.The program encourages ongoing critiques of students\’ interviewing skills in order to improve their technique.The ChildFirst® forensic interview course has been approved by the National Children’s Alliance to meet accreditation standards.


Victor Veith

Director of Education and Training

Rita Farrell, B.S.

Lead Forensic Interview Specialist