If an abuser is in my family or is a family friend, what resources exist for me to seek help or to talk to my family?


It can be difficult to talk to your family about child sexual abuse you’ve experienced in general. It’s even more complicated when the abuser is a family member or family friend. Your family members might have sympathies toward them that impede them from being sympathetic toward the abuse that you suffered. There are groups out there that can help you talk to your family about these sensitive issues. If you’re a member of the Orthodox Jewish community and you’re worried about certain cultural sensitivities, talking to your family about sexual abuse, or about sexual abuse by a family member or family friend, there are resources out there that can help you in a culturally sensitive way like the savvy program from Mount Sinai or Crime Victims Treatment Center. Both of which have a lot of experience dealing with sexual abuse survivors in the Orthodox Jewish community.

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Asher Lovy