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IUP CAST Professor Releases New Textbook

Zero Abuse Project would like to congratulate Dr. Pearl Berman on the release of her new textbook entitled “Violence Across the Lifespan.” Dr. Pearl Berman is a Full Professor, the Chair of the Psychology Department at Indiana University of PA (IUP), and the President of the National Partnership to End Interpersonal Violence (NPEIV). She has also been a member of

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JWRC 30th Anniversary – Timeline

A BRIEF HISTORY OF JACOB WETTERLING RESOURCE CENTER 1989 Jacob Wetterling abducted 1990 Friends of Jacob founded by Jerry and Patty Wetterling and friends. Name changed to Jacob Wetterling Foundation, hosts first national conference for families of abducted children, Law Enforcement, and volunteers. Jacob Wetterling Act passed. 6 Million missing persons flyers and brochures distributed. Jerry Wetterling begins annual Trek

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Textbook edited by CAST professor Dr. Michele Knox now available

This textbook provides research-based advice about common childhood and adolescent problems that are addressed at a clinician/doctor visit, such as: media use and screen time, educational issues and finding the right school, tantrums and behavior problems, sleep problems, potty training, overweight/obesity, discipline and punishment, typical and atypical sexual behaviors, bullying, and working with parents. It has a great chapter on sexual behaviors that helps professionals and parents understand why and when to be concerned about abuse, as well as chapters on physical punishment, identifying and reporting abuse and neglect (based on her CAST curriculum), and positive parenting, among many other topics.

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CAST Professor Creates Blog to Highlight Maltreatment Topics

CAST Professor Dr. Pearl Berman has created a blog to: Humanize the face of an abusive parent; Highlight the resources that are currently available and how they can help; Emphasize resources that are still needed; Build grassroots support for educational and social services that could be of benefit; Address interpersonal violence. This blog can serve as an excellent supplemental resource

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New Research Concludes CAST Students Perform Significantly Better Than Current DSS Workers Already in the Field

A recently published peer reviewed study on Zero Abuse Project’s CAST initiative found that CAST students were performing as well as current DSS workers in the field and, in more complex cases, the CAST students were performing better. We are grateful for Dr. Jennifer Parker and her team at USC Upstate for their leadership in conducting and publishing this study.

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Thousands of Catholic priests were accused of sexual abuse, then what happened? An investigation reveals most have become the priest next door.

As thousands of abuse victims across the U.S. continue to search for justice and closure decades after being molested by some of the most trusted people in their lives, these men have become the priest next door. They live near schools and playgrounds, close to families and children unaware of their backgrounds or the crimes they’ve been accused of. In some cases, they’ve taken on leadership roles in new communities, becoming professors, counselors, friends and mentors to children. Their movements are unchecked by both the government and the Catholic Church in part because laws in many states make it nearly impossible for victims to pursue criminal charges decades after alleged abuse.

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CAST students get hands-on experience

On Wednesday, Clinton-Saunders, a senior family studies major at the Mississippi University for Women, could be cast as an investigator.

The role-playing Clinton-Saunders does in the Child Advocacy Studies Training (CAST) program is one of things she likes best about the studies preparing her for her first job as a professional.

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New lab trains welfare workers who probe child abuse claims

The University of Illinois CAST program features a simulation lab exemplifying the critical importance of simulation training for child protection professionals. Zero Abuse Project has been instrumental in implementing 74 CAST programs across the country, many of which have similar simulation laboratories.

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Senators Paul Boyer & Heather Carter Join Zero Abuse Project, Local Partners to Educate Community about New Rights for AZ Child Sex Abuse Survivors

State Senators Paul Boyer and Heather Carter were joined by the Zero Abuse Project, including Bridie Farrell, child sex abuse survivor and advocate, and Joelle Casteix, Zero Abuse Project board member and survivor; Dawn Penich-Thacker, from the SOS Arizona Network; Janine Menard, board of directors, Arizona School Counselor Association; and Justin Maudner, Arizona Fraternal Order of Police, to discuss the new Arizona Child Protection Act (AZCPA). 

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University offers training for frontline workers

The Child Protection Training Academy at the University of Illinois Springfield held a Project FORECAST training event designed to demonstrate best practices for frontline professionals when responding to a maltreatment scenario in a hospital setting.

This sort of educational experience helps CAST students and frontline child protection professionals better realize the dynamics of child maltreatment casework in a simulated environment so that they can be better prepared for responding to similar cases in the real world.

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