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ChildFirst training helps bring closure for childhood sexual abuse cases

Teams of law enforcement officers, child advocates, prosecuting attorneys, doctors, and others who investigate sex crimes against children received a special training from Zero Abuse Project’s signature forensic interview program, ChildFirst. The event was the first in-person version of this crucial training to happen in-person in Indiana since the pandemic began in 2020. READ MORE

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Menlo Church leadership acknowledges abuse from decades ago

Menlo Church leadership acknowledges abuse from decades ago A Menlo Park megachurch is apologizing for several instances of abuse from decades ago that “had not been addressed in a way that honored the survivors at the time” after information about them was unearthed in recent years and in the aftermath of a 2021 investigation by Zero Abuse Project. READ MORE

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Ouachita Baptist University Hosts “Keeping Faith”

Ouachita Baptist University’s community & family services program in the Pruet School of Christian Studies and the Title IX department discusses the crucial need for hosting “Keeping Faith,” Zero Abuse Project’s signature faith-based course that empowers faith communities to recognize and respond to cases of sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect, while providing details of the impact on

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Lessons from the SBC Sexual Assault Crisis

Zero Abuse Project CPO Victor Vieth authors this piece in the January/February issue of the Sexual Assault Report discussing the Southern Baptist Church, including an overview of the case against the SBC, failures of the investigation, and recommendations for reforms. Now in its 26th year of publication, Sexual Assault Report is a bimonthly report letter written for professionals working to prevent and prosecute

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Virtual Conference for Faith Leaders Open to CAST Community

  Zero Abuse Project, alongside partners from CAST collaborative organizations such as APSAC and the New York Foundling’s Vincent J. Fontana Center for Child Protection, will be hosting a virtual faith leader’s conference on January 12, 2023 starting at 8 am CST. You can learn more about the event and sign up for it here. While this is naturally a

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“Stigma Stoppers” club focusing on childhood trauma

A local school is working to end the stigma surrounding childhood trauma. Jenilee Cousil, an art teacher at Washington High School, started the “Stigma Stoppers” club this year. “It is a pressing issue and it’s also personal. I know and I love people that have struggled with substance disorder and so it’s just very close to my heart and something

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New CAST Resources from Pennsylvania and NPEIV Collaboration

Dr. Pearl Berman, Child Advocacy and Adult Studies (CAAST) faculty at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Immediate Past President of the National Partnership to End Interpersonal Violence, or NPEIV, has acquired funding through a Pennsylvania Commonwealth Grant to create topical videos covering a wide variety of topics that may be beneficial to CAST faculty and students.

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Investigating church abuse with GRACE

Watch this TV news segment covering the investigation into clergy sexual abuse from our friends at Godly Response to Abuse in the Chrstian Environment (GRACE), one of the co-sponsors of our Keeping Faith program designed to train those responding to cases of spiritual abuse. Watch here

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CAST Director Incoming NPEIV President-Elect

The National Partnership to End Interpersonal Violence Across the Lifespan (NPEIV) and Zero Abuse Project are pleased to announce that CAST Director, Dr. Tyler Counsil, will be the new incoming President-Elect in 2022.  NPEIV has long been a supporter of the CAST movement and the NPEIV Action Teams and experts thereof are continually exploring new horizons by which CAST can flourish and

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Upcoming ACEs Health Champions Gathering: Can Trauma-Informed Care Training Impact Behavioral Health Graduate Students?

Please join Zero Abuse and its affiliates at the Academy on Violence and Abuse for our next ACEs Health Champions Gathering, a two-part series examining early intervention and its potential to mitigate intergenerational trauma. This is a great opportunity for CAST faculty, CAST students, and frontline professionals to learn about an emerging topic.

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CAST Recognized in New Family Violence Publication

A new publication exploring pandemic-related factors associated with predicting family violence and child maltreatment has been released in Frontiers in Psychiatry. The publication highlights CAST learning as a means to help improve educator and frontline professional competencies with respect to actively and consistently screening for indicators of maltreatment. The article is available for download here. If you’re new to learning

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CAST Director Dr. Tyler Counsil on “History. Culture. Trauma.”

On the this episode of the PACEs Connection podcast, “History. Culture. Trauma.” special guest Dr. Tyler Counsil, Zero Abuse Project staff member and Director of Child Advocacy Studies (CAST), discusses how CAST addresses our country’s history and culture of child abuse, and prepares students with a multidisciplinary understanding of the most effective responses.

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