State University of New York at Fredonia

   CAST program established: 01/29/2020
   280 Central Ave, Fredonia, NY 14063, USA

About State University of New York at Fredonia

Fredonia is a comprehensive, public, liberal arts university in western New York that offers bachelor’s and master’s degree and advanced certificate programs. Fredonia has what you’re looking for in an education. With more than 4,600 students on a beautiful residential campus, students tell us it’s the perfect mix of campus size and program variety.

Frequently Asked Questions

In what department(s) or field(s) of study is your CAST program housed?


What is the nature of your CAST program? Is it a Major, Minor, Certificate program, or something else?

Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)

What CAST course delivery options exist at your institution (e.g. online, face-to-face, hybrid)?


What are the enrollment requirements for your CAST program?

Bachelor’s degree in any field

What courses do you offer under your CAST programming?

  • CAST 501 – Perspectives on Child Maltreatment & Advocacy
  • CAST 502 – Global Child Advocacy
  • CAST 503 – Professional & System Responses to Maltreatment
  • CAST 504 – Trauma-Informed Practices with Vulnerable Populations
  • CAST 505 – Child Advocacy Research Studies

When are your CAST courses being offered?

Fall, Spring, Summer

Why do students need CAST?

CAST is an essential field of study for all individuals that work with, or plan to work with children.

What makes your CAST program stand out?

All classes are offered online and are taught by full-time, tenured professors with extensive experience in child development, child welfare, children with exceptionalities, and trauma studies.