Northwest Arkansas Community College

   CAST program established: 08/01/2012
   1 College Dr, Bentonville, AR 72712, United States

About Northwest Arkansas Community College

NorthWest Arkansas Community College is a public community college with its main campus in Bentonville, Arkansas. Total enrollment for the fall semester of 2018 was 8,308.

Frequently Asked Questions

In what department(s) or field(s) of study is your CAST program housed?

Social and Behavioral Sciences

What is the nature of your CAST program? Is it a Major, Minor, Certificate program, or something else?

Technical Certificate, Certificate of Proficiency, Associates of Arts Degree

What CAST course delivery options exist at your institution (e.g. online, face-to-face, hybrid)?

online, face-to-face and hybrid

What are the enrollment requirements for your CAST program?

Enrollment at the Northwest Arkansas Community College

What courses do you offer under your CAST programming?

  • Child Abuse & Neglect: Perspectives – PSYC/CMJS 2463
  • Professional and Systems Response to Child Maltreatment – CMJS 2474
  • Child Abuse: Prevention and Treatment – SCWK 2074

When are your CAST courses being offered?

Courses are offered each semester, rotating face-to-face and online

Why do students need CAST?

Child Advocacy Studies (CAST) is designed to develop an understanding of the various factors that lead to child maltreatment and the best practices for responding to incidents of child maltreatment. Students will learn to work effectively within the systems and institutions that respond to child maltreatment. Students completing the courses will be better equipped to carry out the work of preventing and investigating allegations of child maltreatment. Through experiential learning, students have the opportunity to learn and make mistakes before entering the field.

What makes your CAST program stand out?

NWACC’s CAST program is located in a comprehensive training center that includes a fully functioning home, a courtroom, child friendly interview rooms, and an interrogation space. As the first and only community college CAST program, NWACC has the ability to send students directly to the many professional fields in two years.

What are some career opportunities for your CAST graduates?

Law Enforcement, Department of Child and Family Services investigator and case manager, forensic interviewer, advocate, early childhood education

Where can students find more information about your CAST program?

Stephanie Morris

[email protected]

Phone: (479) 986-4099