Trainings for the Arts Communities

At Zero Abuse Project, we are invested in prevention and intervention in youth-serving organizations, with an extra passion about making dance and theatre communities safer for children and young people.

There have been many changes worth celebrating as arts communities invest in policy and practices that protect their artists at every age, but we can always do better.

Teachable Safety Skills

We are thrilled to be able to offer FREE trainings entitled “Teachable Safety Skills for Community & Children’s Theaters” and “Under a Watchful Eye: What Dance Professionals Need to Know About Child Abuse” to Minnesota-based educators, students, parents, and organizations through a grant from the Minnesota Office of Justice Programs.

These art-specific trainings have previously been offered at Community Theatres and Dance Companies around the state of Minnesota to an overwhelmingly positive response from registrants, and we can’t wait to have the opportunity to bring them to you.

This training can be offered to your staff over Zoom, or the trainer, Alison Feigh M.S., Director of Jacob Wetterling Resource Center at Zero Abuse Project, can also travel to your location to administer this training in person.

We request only that there be a minimum of 10 people in attendance, and we invite you or representatives from your company to join in planning an event to ensure we make this attendance feasible. We feel this could make for an ideal training for summer day camp staff, and we invite parent volunteers or parents of participants to join if they wish to as well.

Book Your Training Today!

Please reach out to Alison Feigh with questions about content at [email protected], or use the online training form to learn more and to book a training.